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NRIGuides.com is a trusted online resource dedicated to providing clear and concise instructions on a wide range of essential topics for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) worldwide

At NRIGuides.com, we are committed to simplifying the exchange of valuable and reliable information through easy-to-follow how-to guides tailored to the needs of NRIs.

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The inception of NRIGuides.com was driven by a profound desire to streamline the process of sharing and accessing useful information among NRIs globally. We recognized the need for a more straightforward way to navigate the complexities of life as an NRI and aimed to bridge the knowledge gap.

What We Offer

Our articles are a result of extensive research, drawing insights from both official resources and the personal experiences of our dedicated team. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities that NRIs encounter, and our content is crafted to empower you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on a variety of pertinent subjects.

At NRIGuides.com, we take immense pleasure in offering you a wealth of knowledge that is both informative and practical. Our mission is to make your experience on our website as enjoyable and insightful as possible. We are passionate about the information we provide and hope you find our articles as enjoyable to read as they are for us to create.

Who We Are

NRIGuides.com is a part of the DG Pixels group of websites and is officially registered under Pencil Boat Media, a business based in Ontario, Canada.

Aneesh Abdulkader

Aneesh Abdulkader, the Founder & editor of DG Pixels, holds a Master’s Degree in Communication & Journalism, and has two decades of experience living in the Middle East. Since 2014, he and his team have been sharing helpful content on travel, visa rules, and expatriate affairs.

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