How To Change Name On Indian Passport (2023 Guide)

How To Change Name On Indian Passport

The name is the prime identity of an individual, hence it is of utmost importance on a person’s passport.

Change of a name, whether substantial or partial, must therefore be notified to the passport department in order to avoid any future complications while travelling.

This article explains the documents needed and the steps required to change name on Indian passport. Also included is a sample of the newspaper advertisements.

With the latest rules, one does not have to sweat it out in the passport office. You can easily go to the office and follow some simple procedures to get your name changed.

In case individual wishes to change middle name or surname, he/she will have to visit the Passport Seva Kendra (Indian Embassy / Consulate for NRIs abroad) or the official website and apply for a ‘Re-issue’ of Passport.

Documents Required To Change Name On Indian Passport

The following are the documents required to change the name on the Indian passport

  • Duly filled in miscellaneous application form (available at Embassy / Consulate or download here)
  • Present passport (original) and a photocopy of the first 2 and last 2 pages and all observation pages (f any)
  • For minor applicants, both parents’ signatures are required on the application form along with a photocopy of both parents’ passports
  • For NRIs applying at abroad missions, a copy of the National ID Card / Visa issued by the country of residence
  • 2 photographs (35mm x 35mm) color – against a light background showing a full frontal view of the face
  • A court order indicating you to name change

What if an applicant does not have the court order for a name change?

In case you don’t have a court order indicating name change, you would require:

  • Original cutting of the advertisement published in two English newspapers, one in a local newspaper, one in India both showing the date and the name of the newspaper advertised in.
  • The advertisement should be 1 month (30 days) old at the time of submission of the application.
  • Deed poll/sworn affidavit as per Annexure ‘E’ (Download here)

Major And Minor Change In Name

  • Minor change in name – change in name because of spelling discrepancy between passport and documents which phonetically do not result in total change in name.
  • A major change in name – Cases other than minor change in name.

Does a change of name include minor spelling changes also?

The change in the name refers to:

  • Completely changing the name
  • A partial change in the spelling of the first or the last name
  • For the name change including the addition of last name or spelling change in the first middle or last name

Format for newspaper declaration (Adults)

I, ________________s on/daughter of______________, holder of Indian Passport No_____________, issued at _______ on ________, permanent resident of____________(full postal address in India to be given) and presently residing at_______________(full postal address in country of residence to be given) do hereby change my name from ________________ to ________________ with immediate effect.

Format for newspaper declaration (Minors)

I, ________________ father of______________, holder of Indian Passport No_____________, issued at ________ on ________, permanent resident of____________(full postal address in India to be given) and presently residing at_______________ (full postal address in UAE to be given) do hereby change my Son/daughter name from ________________ to________________ with immediate effect.

Change name on Indian passport

Name Change Due To Change In Marital Status

The following additional documents will be needed if the name change is due to a change in marital status:

How to change a woman’s surname after marriage

In case the applicant is a married woman wishing to change her surname, she will have to provide copies of the marriage certificate and the husband’s passport (if any).

In case the marriage certificate or joint affidavit cannot be provided then an Affidavit according to Annexure K (download here) can be provided.

How to change a woman’s surname after divorce

In case the applicant is a divorcee wishing to revert back to her maiden name, a copy of the divorce decree is needed.

How to change a woman’s surname after her husband’s death

In case the applicant is a widow, the death certificate of the husband should be attached to the form.

Procedure For Government Employee To Change Name in Passport

If a Government/Public Sector/Statutory body employee wants to make a major change in name, then he/she has to submit the following additional documents:

  • Gazette Notification changing the name in applicant’s department
  • Fresh ID Certificate in changed name
  • Deed poll/sworn affidavit as per Annexure “E”(Download here)

Advertisement/declaration in a reading newspaper is not required.

The above information is sourced from the best sources and presented in simply comprehensible language.

Still, it is advised to check the official passport website of India as any latest change would be automatically updated there.

Copyright © – Full or partial reproduction of this article in any language is prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add surname in Indian passport?

In order to add or change your surname on your passport, you must apply for a “Reissue” of your passport and have the specific change done in your personal information.

Can I travel in my previous name after the name change?

Travelling under your previous name is not recommended. Passports must be reissued if you want to change your name. 

How can I fix a spelling mistake of my name on the passport?

If you find any mistake/error in the details printed in the passport booklet, please return it to the Regional Passport Office for necessary rectification. Upon approval of the rectification by the competent authority, a new booklet with a new passport number would be issued. 

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