How to Apply Passport for Newborn Baby in India (2023)

Passport For Newborn Baby

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The ability to travel and explore new horizons has become an integral part of our lives. Whether it’s for leisure, education, or professional purposes, the need for a passport is paramount when venturing beyond one’s national borders.

While once a cumbersome process, obtaining a passport in India has been streamlined, making it more accessible to everyone, including newborns.

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the steps required to obtain a passport for newborn baby in India. From the initial birth certificate to the final passport application, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to embark on this important journey.

Birth Certificate Procedure

Generally, hospitals provide a form with relevant details for obtaining a birth certificate. However, in some cases, you might need to apply yourself. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Obtain the registration form from the nearest registrar or local body.
  2. Fill out the form and submit it to the nearest local authority, such as the municipal corporation or panchayat, which will verify the details with the hospital.
  3. Check the registration details of the certificate with the nearest district statistical office (not needed in some states).
  4. Assuming all information is correctly provided, the birth certificate should be issued within a few weeks.

Documents Needed For Birth Certificate

To obtain a birth certificate, you will typically need:

  • Parents’ ID Proofs (Birth Certificate, Aadhaar, or Passport)
  • Parents’ Marriage Certificate
  • Proof of birth letter from the hospital

Pay attention to the details, especially names and spellings, as they can become significant hurdles when applying for a passport. Therefore, upon receiving the birth certificate, diligently cross-check all the information and spelling.

If you happen to notice any discrepancies, take prompt action and initiate the necessary corrections before commencing the passport application process. This proactive approach will help you avoid potential complications and delays during the application process.

Applying Passport for Newborn Baby in India

The digitalization of the passport application process has made it much more convenient. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Passport Seva Website to apply for the baby’s passport.
  2. After registering on the portal, log in with your Registered ID and click “Apply for a fresh passport.” Fill in the required details and submit the application.
  3. The website also provides the facility for online fee payment. You will need to print the Application Receipt for entry into the passport office.
  4. On the website, you will find annexure forms for parents. Select the relevant annexure form depending on your situation:
    • Annexure H: To be used if both parents are visiting the Passport Seva Kendra or if a parent is abroad and sending Annexure H attested by the Indian Mission.
    • Annexure G: For situations where only one parent visits the office, it should be accompanied by a nonjudicial stamp paper attested by a judicial or executive magistrate.
    • Annexure C: Used in cases where details of one parent aren’t known or the parents are separated (not divorced).
  5. If both parents reside abroad, they can make a joint sworn affidavit to appoint a local guardian who can submit applications. The affidavit should be duly attested by the Indian mission in that country. If the guardian isn’t one of the child’s grandparents, an affidavit with two responsible persons is also required.

At the Passport Seva Office

The passport office provides modern and convenient services. Ensure you have the relevant annexure form, Application Receipt, a colour photograph with a white background, and original and photocopy of the parents’ passports. While marriage certificates are not required, it’s a good idea to bring them along. Pay the appropriate fees at the office.

Requirements For Newborn Baby Passport

  • Relevant annexure form
  • Application receipt
  • One colour photograph pasted on the form is required. Black and white photographs are not acceptable. It should have a white background.
  • Original and photocopy of parent’s passports
  • Marriage certificates are not required, but taking them with you won’t harm either
  • The fees are to be payable at the office. A normal passport costs Rs. 1000 while Tatkal costs Rs. 3000. Take sufficient extra money along with you.

Upon producing your application receipt and going inside, you will be given a file with a token number on it. In the waiting area, your number will be displayed on the monitor telling you where to go.

For minors’ passports, there is a simple 3 steps procedure:

Step 1: Here your originals and baby’s fingerprints will be taken by the official. It takes up to 10 minutes. It is the most vital step as your child’s passport will be made on the originals provided here. Ensure the information is accurate and spelt as the baby’s passport will be based on the originals provided.

Step 2: Additional verification by the government employee is done and within 5 minutes the pressure is completed just the cross-verification.

Step 3: The passport issuing official will only ask for your originals and free you within 4 minutes. After that go to the exit section and give them your token number and application receipt. They will give you an acknowledgement receipt that will tell you minor things like whether verification is required or not.

Time Duration and Fees

  • A new passport generally takes 30 days to reach while Tatkal applications need 1-7 days.
  • The normal passport fee for minors is Rs. 1000 while the Tatkal fee is Rs 3000.

Tracking Passport Applications

  • There is a national call centre in 17 Indian languages. Round-the-clock email or mobile apps can also be used to know about the update.
  • On the Passport Seva website click on the appropriate passport type, enter the 15-digit file number printed on the acknowledgement letter at the right corner, enter the birth date, and click track status.
  • All the communication would be done through email so double-check the email address. Also, keep on checking the mail regularly to check the updates.

By following these steps and ensuring the accurate submission of documents, you can obtain a passport for your newborn baby in India efficiently.

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  1. Hello,
    Dear im Working in Qatar & i want to make baby Passport in India. What documents should carry in my absence new passport. Should i have to give any letter from Doha.

    1. Dear Naveen, Usually the address in father’s passport is considered for baby’s passport. If you need to add new address, you need to give address proof under your name.

  2. Hello
    I live at Mauritius and my wife is india my baby will be born india and i want to apply passport for it what documents and form i need to fill?will i have to send and form from Mauritius??

  3. Myself Ahmed, I am currently living in Qatar and i need to apply for the passport of my three kids who are living in India.. which form do i need to fill out and what are the documents to be attached to get attested in Qatar?? Please suggest..
    Thank you

  4. As my baby is new born we have not named him. Is it mandatory to name my son before I apply for the passprot?

  5. Hi
    We live in Dubai but planning to deliver in India at my place (mother”s place ). I have husband name endorrsed in my passport. Me and my husband share different in respected passports. And I want to get my baby’s passport made from my place. Is there a problem that it should be done from father’s place only ?

  6. Myself is a NRI at UAE, now iam planing to apply passport for my new born baby,
    my family is living here for 2 years.
    Is it required NOC letter from Indian embassy for me to apply the passport
    My original passport is also required during the time of submitting the Passport application form,because right now myself in UAE and i cant go back to India .

  7. i am an NRI. We are expecting baby. We are planning to deliver the baby in India at my wife’s house. Want to find out which state we can apply the passport for newborn baby??

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